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Created a video on the Asher Tree; organized and reprinted "Asher History"by James Cowhich 

      sjbes' new center for 2019

A sacristan for Our Lady of Victory

            Dolores, Colorado

sjbes' October Project 2018

Was a support resource for the

Jonas Family - move and get ready for the birth of Roman Meyer who was born on 11-03-18

What’s the focus to be?

                                                                                 sjbes' Mission - School, Support and Sancturay·
                                                                                         January 2019

     In these tumulturous times - of here-says, schisms, and emotional is difficult to keep one’s focus. Looking back to when sjbes' attended The Global Charities Invitational in Italy in the summer of 2011,  

I thought it best to dust off our final presentation and re-evaluate it in light of the present moment.                


               Below is a quote from "sjbes’ 2013 Newsletter".

               “In Italy two summers ago, I committed sjbes’ Mission to the following simple resolutions as
                our answers in our last interview with the various global foundations and charities:


                        ‘What solutions would your organization recommend in conclusion to all the global issues
                         that have been presented for your panel discussions?’ 


  1. Grow where one’s feet are planted. (I am so grateful that mine are planted here in the American West!) 

  2. Build community - come to know one’s neighbors in the state of unconditional love. 

  3. Inspire to increase local enterprise for harmony and well-being – inspire to freely give and receive individual gifts and talents in building healthy communities with the purpose of supporting the least of your brothers/sisters. 

  4. Buy and sell locally when possible. 

  5. Advocate for the “least amount of government for the greatest amount of liberty for all individuals (persons)”. 

  6. Put one’s money into a locally owned bank. 

  7. Return to “holiness” through/in/by the Institution of the Holy Eucharist” and remain fully conscious in Christ.  (This is not the time to be distracted.)

     Presently... hold on to the Sacrament of Forgiveness and in the promise that HIS Mercy is forever.  

                                                  Now, go and use the seven points to keep the focus.


Support Resource for

Marilyn & Tom Volm

Support Resource for Anne McGinley's urgent medical needs at CU Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado.


My first introduction as sjbes' Director to Utah Congressman, John Curtis Friday morning on March 21st in Bluff, Utah, was a delight. Hope this meeting produces much fruit for the Mission, for Utah and for America. AMEN!

sjbes’ Mission 2019 Agenda


1. Work to add a Personhood Amendment to the          US Constitution.
2. Advocate to overturn Roe vs Wade.
3. Work to defund Planned Parenthood and to             repeal the Affordable Care Act .
4. Identify products and organizations that have            used or are using human specimens.
5. Create projects that focus on physical exercise          so that we can live long enough to see these            changes build an America worthy to once again        be protected by the Grace of God.


Support Resource for Susie Sieber and for the town of Dolores, in capitalizing upon it's unique historic character for future economic growth & prosperity.

sjbes' Mission has been working to bring this to Cortez, Co. Not sure we're going to succeed in doing this, but I recommend when you have a chance please watch this movie.

Summer in the San Juan Way

A Servant of HIS Divine Will
Holy Love in the Present Moment
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Heaven's Messages to Maureen at Maranatha Shrine and Spring



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“To give witness today is our only and our most effective weapon.”

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