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Always LOVE the sinner, yet hate the sin. 
For where there is sin, there too is risk of evil, 
yet too, where there is sin, there is an abundance
in the Holy Sacraments of Love, Mercy and Truth.

Whatever prevents or blocks out God’s Love and Peace is a sin.  Only in God will a person find true happiness, and one who is not happy has not confessed his sin{s) or has not made his path straight for the Lord.  Sin causes evil, death, destruction, disequilibrium, alienation, disease, illness, conflict, war, pain, and personal suffering.   But where there is evil, there too is an abundance of HIS Holy Grace.  The sin upon the “two feet in which one stands” is universally measured by the exponential power of 3.  Just imagine if there are approximately 7 billion people and only 1/16 of this population is sinless, then 15/16 of the population is at risk.

One will be able to measure the state of his sins by the increasing degree of conflict, chaos, anxiety, stress, worry, boredom, discontent and maladies within his life space.  If a person is constantly being hounded by turmoil or having to solve problem upon problem, then one should go immediately to the source, and that is to go inside oneself and honestly face her/his sin(s).   Seek forgiveness; make amends while there is still time and unconditionally hold on to the promise that HIS Divine Mercy is forever eternal.  Taking responsibility for one’s life is the freedom God gives to each person, and each person is free to accept or reject it.

The cure for these sins is the gift of a new heart that acts in accordance to the love and law of God. This new heart can only come from God. Ezekiel 36:26-27 says, "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.” Humanity's only hope is the miracle of a regenerated heart that acts according to the direction of the Holy Spirit to walk in God’s statutes and judgments.


Power to change the heart does not come from self. It comes through HIS Holy Spirit and Grace -  the Life Living Water.  For without this Life Living Water, faith will not be able to grow.  Faith is an action. As this event becomes a reality in one’s life, the seven deadly sins of gluttony, envy, sloth, wrath, pride, lust, and greed will lose their power over one’s life. With the indwelling Holy Spirit in one’s life, one will instead desire to live a life based upon the promises of Christ.

Mary full of Grace, Refuge of Holy Love, asks all mankind to offer up their hearts to Her Immaculate Heart in the present moment so that they can be purified and made holy in preparation for the embrace of Her Son's Sacred Heart of Divine Love.  

The Seven Deadly Sins

1.  Lust = uncontrollably strong sexual desires or longing  – hetero, homo or asexual. 
                  Immoral sexual development, inappropriate use of one’s body and/or other
                  people/creatures’ bodies.  Uncontrollable desire for things, persons or places.

                  Lust is an inordinate craving for physical and emotional pleasures.

2.  Gluttony = excessive ongoing consumption of food, drink, drug and distractions.

3.  Greed or Avarice = an excessive pursuit of material or physical, intellectual, emotional, social                

                                       pursuits.  It is an inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess, especially                                                for excess wealth, statuspower, or food.

4.  Sloth = excessive laziness, or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents, or constantly in need of    

                  distractions from personal responsibility.

5.  Wrath = uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate towards another person.

6.  Envy = the desire to be something that which you are not, or desire something that which you do not    

                 have or something that someone else possess, while placing the blame on others or things for    

                 failure and misfortune.

7.  Pride = excessive view of one’s self without any regard for others except if to further one’s own    

                  position. Puts self above others.

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"High Risk" study

What does it mean to be “high risk”? 
What are the indicators that identify “high risk”? 
What are the leading causes of “high risk”?

High Risk Factors Endanger Life 
(not only the body but the soul)

This thirty year, secular study focused primarily on the success of adolescents and adults - at work, at school and in the community.
When  the study produced the final outcomes, this researcher noticed a haunting parallel to her old childhood days of "Baltimore Catechism" on that what constitutes "sin", even down to remembering that one person can influence the risk of a holy community.   

This researcher ponders that the outcomes of this study may have had a greater significance other than simply understanding what constitutes success of a person in modern society, but possibly what constitutes a person's success in reaching Heaven.

"...along the way, they lose sight of the goal and, rather than think of others, they are unashamed to think only of themselves, or even worse, to justify themselves.  The Church the community of the faithful, the Body of Christ, where the salvation of one member is linked to the holiness of all (cf. 1 Cor 12:12-27; Lumen Gentium, 7.)"  Pope Francis addressing clergy, religious and seminarians during a prayer meeting at the Coptic Catholic seminary in Maadi, Egypt on the second day of his visit as reported by Diane Montagna/April 29, 2017 for Aleteia .

Preparing for the Sacrament of Penance

Tb 11:5-17

When Tobit saw his son, he threw his arms around him and wept.
He exclaimed, "I can see you, son, the light of my eyes!"  Then he said:

"Blessed be God,
and praised be His great name,
and blessed be all His holy angels.
May His holy name be praised
throughout all the ages,
Because it was He who scourged me,
and it is He who has had mercy on me.
Behold, I now see my son Tobiah!"

Tb 3:1-11a,

Grief-stricken in spirit, I, Tobit, groaned and wept aloud.  Then with sobs I began to pray:

"You are righteous, O Lord,
and all Your deeds are just;
All Your ways are mercy and truth;
You are the judge of the world.
And now, O Lord, may You be mindful of me,
and look with favor upon me.
Punish me not for my sins,
nor for my inadvertent offenses,
nor for those of my ancestors.

"We sinned against You,
and disobeyed Your commandments.
So You handed us over to plundering, exile, and death, till You made us the talk and reproach of all the nations among whom You had dispersed us.

"Yes, Your judgments are many and true
in dealing with me as my sins
and those of my ancestors deserve.
For we have not kept Your commandments,
nor have we trodden the paths of truth before You.


*Read Baruch 2:9-10+ 

And the Lord has kept the calamities ready, and the Lord has brought them upon us, for the Lord is righteous in all His Works which He has commanded us to do. Yet we have not obeyed His Voice, to walk in the statutes of the Lord which He set before us. 

Read Zephaniah 2:1-3+ 

Judgment on Israel's Enemies 
Come together and hold assembly, 
O shameless nation, 
before you are driven away 
like the drifting chaff, 
before there comes upon you 
the fierce anger of the LORD, 
before there comes upon you 
the day of the wrath of the LORD. 
Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, 
who do His Commands; 
seek righteousness, seek humility; 
perhaps you may be hidden 
on the day of the wrath of the LORD. 


                               Click the

        Immaculate Heart of Holy Love. 
                     Use the chart to

Click on the

Hebrews 12:5-7

…And you have forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons: “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, or lose heart when He rebukes you.  For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises everyone He receives as a son.”  Endure suffering as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?…

8 Modern Errors Every Catholic Should Know and Avoid 
by Msgr. Charles Pope

Consider this eightfold list of modern errors that are common even in the Church.

To be reunited back to God, Our Father in Heaven, and restored in HIS Holy State of Grace worthy to receive The Body and Blood of HIS Son by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Alter brought down by the most Holy Hands of the celibate Priest .
                                                     We are made worthy by the blood of the Lamb to enter the Holy Eucharist - The Body of Christ - as HIS Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters of Our Mother of God's Holy Church.

Born Again Virgins...pure and holy worthy of the salutation "Hail Virgin full of grace the Lord is with you."  And by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will conceive HIS Incarnate Word."  HIS Word is forever.

You will recognize one another by the 'fire of love' radiating out from within your hearts.

Now you are ready to go and receive HIS Holy Body and Blood just as it was at your First Holy Communion

Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist
The Perfect Sacrifice upon HIS Holy Alter

in the 
Holy Mass 

celebrated through the Holy Hands
of HER Blessed Sons, the celibate Priests - 

Sacrificing All The Virgin Lambs 
as the Body and Blood of Christ
over to the New Jerusalem.
The Passover into The Promised Land

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The Eucharist is at the root of every form of holiness, and each of us is called to the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit.

How many saints have advanced along the way of perfection thanks to their eucharistic devotion! From Saint Ignatius of Antioch to Saint Augustine, from Saint Anthony Abbot to Saint Benedict, from Saint Francis of Assisi to Saint Thomas Aquinas, from Saint Clare of Assisi to Saint Catherine of Siena, from Saint Paschal Baylon to Saint Peter Julian Eymard, from Saint Alphonsus Liguori to Blessed Charles de Foucauld, from Saint John Mary Vianney to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, from Saint Pius of Pietrelcina to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, from Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati to Blessed Ivan Merz, to name only a few, holiness has always found its center in the sacrament of the Eucharist.”—


Pope Benedict XVI

Five Prayers of Saints that you can pray while here in the Presence of the Holy Eucharist

1) St. Ignatius of Loyola – Anima Christi

Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.

Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within Thy wounds hide me.
Suffer me not to be separated from Thee.

From the malignant enemy, defend me.
In the hour of my death, call me.
And bid me come to Thee.
That with Thy saints I may praise Thee.
Forever and ever. Amen.

4) St. Padre Pio – Prayer After Holy Communion

     Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have You present so that I do not forget You. You know how easily I abandon You.
     Stay with me, Lord, because I am weak and I need Your strength, that I may not fall so often.
     Stay with me, Lord, for You are my life and without You I am without fervor.
     Stay with me, Lord, for You are my light and without You I am in darkness.

     Stay with me, Lord, to show me Your will.
     Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear Your voice and follow You.
     Stay with me, Lord, for I desire to love You very much and always be in Your company.
     Stay with me, Lord, if You wish me to be faithful to You.
     Stay with me, Lord, as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for You, a nest of Love.

     Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close and life passes, death, judgment and eternity approaches. It is necessary to renew my strength, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need You. It is getting late and death approaches, I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. O how I need You, my Jesus, in this night of exile!

     Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all its dangers, I need You.  Let me recognize You as Your disciples did at the breaking of the bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the Light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

     Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to You, if not by Communion, at least by grace and love.

     Stay with me, Lord, for it is You alone I look for, Your Love, Your Grace, Your Will, Your Heart, Your Spirit, because I love You and ask no other reward but to love You more and more.  With a firm love, I will love You with all my heart while on earth and continue to love You perfectly during all eternity.


2) St. Catherine of Siena –                                          A Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist

     O boundless charity!
Just as you gave us yourself,
wholly God and wholly man,
so you left us all of yourself as food
so that while we are pilgrims in this life
we might not collapse in our weariness
but be strengthened by you, heavenly food.

     O mercenary people! 
And what has your God left you?
He has left you himself,
wholly God and wholly man,
hidden under the whiteness of this bread.

     O fire of love!
Was it not enough to gift us
with creation in your image and likeness,
and to create us anew to grace in your Son’s blood,without giving us yourself as food,
the whole of divine being,
the whole of God?

What drove you?
Nothing but your charity,
mad with love as you are!

5) St. Alphonsus Liguori –                                                   To Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

     My Lord Jesus Christ, Who, through the love which You bear toward men, does remain with them day and night in this Sacrament, full of mercy and love, awaiting, inviting and receiving  all who come to visit You, I believe that You are present in the Sacrament of the Altar.

     From the abyss of my nothingness, I adore You. I thank You for all the graces which You have bestowed upon me, particularly for having given me Yourself in this Sacrament, for having given my Your most holy Mother Mary for my advocate, and for having called me to visit You in this church.

     I pay my homage to Your most loving Heart for these three ends: first in thanksgiving for this great Gift; second to make amends to You for all the outrages which You do receive in this Sacrament from all Your enemies; third I intend by this visit to adore You in all the places on earth in which You are present in this Sacrament and in which You are the least honored and the most abandoned.

     My Jesus, I love You with my whole heart. I am sorry for having offended Your infinite goodness so many times. I purpose, with the help of Your grace, never more to offend You; and, at this moment, mniserable as I am, I consecrate my whole being to You.

     I give You my entire will, all my affections and desires and all that I have. From this day forward, do what You will with me and with everything that belongs to me.

     I ask and desire only Your holy love, the gift of final perseverance and the perfect fulfillment of Your will. I commend to You the souls in Purgatory, particularly those who were most devoted to the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the Blessed Virgin Mary; and I also commend to You all poor sinners.

     Finally, my dear Savior, I unite all my affections with the affections of Your most loving Heart; and thus united, I offer them to Your Eternal Father, and I entreat Him, in Your Name and for Your sake, to accept and answer them.


3) St. Bonaventure –                                                            Grant that my soul may hunger after Thee

     Pierce, O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, mine inmost soul with the most joyous and healthful wound of Thy love, with true, serene, and most holy apostolic charity, that my soul may ever languish and melt with love and longing for Thee, that it may yearn for Thee and faint for Thy courts, and long to be dissolved and to be with Thee.

     Grant that my soul may hunger after Thee, the bread of angels, the refreshment of holy souls, our daily and supersubstantial bread, having all sweetness and savor and every delight of taste.

Let my heart ever hunger after and feed upon Thee, whom the angels desire to look upon, and may my inmost soul be filled with the sweetness of Thy savor.

     May it ever thirst after Thee, the fountain of life, the fountain of wisdom and knowledge, the fountain of eternal light, the torrent of pleasure, the richness of the house of God.

     May it ever compass Thee, seek Thee, find Thee, run to Thee, attain to Thee, meditate upon Thee, speak of Thee, and do all things to the praise and glory of Thy Holy name, with humility and discretion, with love and delight, with readiness and affection, and with perseverance unto the end.

     Be Thou alone ever my hope and my whole confidence, my riches, my delight, my pleasure and my joy; my rest and tranquility; my peace, my sweetness and my fragrance; my sweet savor, my food and refreshment; my refuge and my help; my wisdom, my portion, my possession and my treasure, in whom may my mind and my heart be ever fixed and firm, and rooted immovably. Amen.

A Miracle of the Eucharist and Supported by Scientific Investigation

The following quotations from the writings of
              St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

And He [Christ] showed me that it was His great desire of being loved by men and of withdrawing them from the path of ruin that made Him form the design of manifesting His Heart to men, with all the treasures of love, of mercy, of grace, of sanctification and salvation which it contains, in order that those who desire to render Him and procure Him all the honor and love possible, might themselves be abundantly enriched with those divine treasures of which His heart is the source. 

— Our Lord to St. Mary Margaret Alacoque

I promise you in the excessive mercy of my Heart that my all-powerful love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on the First Fridays in nine consecutive months the grace of final perseverance; they shall not die in my disgrace, nor without receiving their sacraments. My divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

— Our Lord to St. Mary Margaret Alacoque

Why do Catholics call their main church services “Mass”?


Monsignor Bux: We Are in a Full Crisis of Faith

Msgr. Bux explains that the Church is in a “full crisis of faith” and that the storms of division the Church is currently experiencing are due to apostasy — the “abandonment of Catholic thought.”

Monsignor Nicola Bux, a respected theologian and former consulter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith during Benedict XVI’s pontificate.

May 27, 2014


"St. John Vianney, the Cure D'Ars comes. He says: "Praise be to Jesus."

"My messenger, if the Church was not in need of healing from within, then I would not

have been sent to remonstrate the priests. But, Satan has attacked the core of the Church

by challenging the personal holiness of the hierarchy and on down to the priests. Any

organization will reflect the strength of its leadership. Therefore, if the priest is holy, the

people he touches with his vocation will be holy."

"You can readily see why priests are so under attack and why hierarchy is so tempted to

abuse authority and to compromise the Truth. Not all hierarchy and priests give into

temptations; but enough do and enough souls are affected that I pray my words to you

will encourage enthusiastic change."

"Pray with me for this."

Look to the Desert Fathers to fight 7 great temptations,
Pope tells priests and religious in Egypt
          by  Diane Montagna | Apr 29, 2017  


(Beware of the word "Individualism" used in this article for it refers to selfishness or self centeredness.  Do not confuse it with "Individualism" meaning the unique child of God.)         

Be still, and know that I am God

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