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This presentation is 1: 44 minutes.  It will be best to watch with headphones. 
Stop the video to read and pray.


                                                     sjbes' Presents I.

                                     Final Examination - Holy Faith 101 
                                                         Deus Intencio

This movie project began in November 2011 as a review and evaluation for sjbes' advisors, friends and supporters concerning the progress of the 2011-12 activities and projects. The intentions were to make a simple, short and concise presentation with the notion that the average human consciousness is only about three minutes (I know you're shaking your heads saying "surly not moi"). If anything is evident when talking about the subject of GOD, it is GOD WHO is not a rational being as Homo sapiens.  The finished project  was like a run-away horse and did not stop until its completion seven months later on June 1st 2012. 

God's Divine Will overrules all human intentions, as this video will attest, which therefore gives way to the title of this video project: Deus Intencio.  This movie takes the "top down" approach using the visual, auditory, and kinetic modes of learning for engaging the whole person - the intellectual, the physical, the emotional, the social and the spiritual - with Dues Intencio. The movie is a collage of commercial, public & private pictures, music and prose pieced together like a mosaic of one's self in relation to God, the world and all that is HOLY throughout time and space up to the present moment, now.

So sit back, clear your heart, mind and soul and prepare for a prayerful meditation on God's Production.  Put on your head phones and be prepared to listen and read.  Stop it when needed but finish it all the way to the end - 1 hour and 44 minutes.  Enlarge the video to large screen by clicking on the icon at bottom right of the video screen. 

To all who reverently watch and pray, may you receive special blessings and grace  from Our Lady's Immaculate Heart of Holy Love.  Peace be with you and your spirit.

After starting the video, click on the bottom right icon .  Please stop the video to read the prayers and signs.  May God bless you and the United States of America for watching and praying sjbes' Pilgrimage 2014.

sjbes' Present III
Baja California Sur and Copper Canyon, Sinaloa Mexico
December 2015

My Soul Confession

“Here I Am, Lord! It is ‘me’ Lord.  I have finally come to be the servant of Your Divine Will in the present moment of Holy Love."


Holly Marie Asher


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